Unlocking Seamless Data Security: PlainID's SQL Database Authorizer Revolutionizes Access Control

Mickey Martin
December 22, 2023

Data access control, especially for operational data, has long been a challenging issue. Typically, databases possess all the data but lack identities, while identity stacks have all the identities but lack direct control over databases. This mismatch has troubled security teams for years, making consistent protection of digital assets challenging. PlainID addresses this gap with its Authorization Platform, employing Policy-Based Access Control by leveraging both the identity fabric and asset fabric for authorization decision-making and enforcement.

Enforcement is a crucial aspect of a Fine-Grain Solution, determining its success or failure in deployment and adoption. PlainID introduces Authorizers to alleviate the guesswork involved in enforcing policies. Authorizers take policy decisions from PlainID's decision point and translate them into a format understandable by the protected system. When safeguarding SQL databases, PlainID's SQL Database Authorizer plays a vital role. It transforms identity-aware contextual decisions into Authorized SQL statements, enabling organizations to apply identity security aspects to SQL that was never part of the traditional database accounts. This provides visible, centralized control over digital access, allowing for policies like "Customers can see their own data" to be easily enforced.

PlainIDs SQL Database Authorizer Diagram

The SQL Database Authorizer simplifies the process further by integrating with libraries such as SpringBoot and .NET. This integration empowers users to apply data access control in no-code/low-code scenarios. With the SQL Database Authorizer and its counterparts for SpringBoot or .NET, application owners and developers only need to include the library in their builds to leverage the full capabilities of the Authorization Platform. This eliminates the need for extensive development cycles or recoding, providing effective access control without significant coding efforts.

For deployments not using these frameworks, adopting centralized authorization control is straightforward. By providing the user's identity and the base SQL command, PlainID's SQL Database Authorizer can transform queries, ensuring that only authorized data for the logged-in user is retrieved. For example, it can change "select * from demo.clients;" into its authorized equivalent, "select first_name, last_name, products from demo.clients where demo.clients.id in ['123', '3456', '987']," ensuring that only authorized data is accessed.

Delve deeper into the advanced features and benefits of PlainID's SQL Database Authorizer by exploring our dedicated Integration Hub. Gain valuable insights, discover key functionalities, and stay informed about the latest updates. Visit our Integration Hub for a comprehensive understanding of how our SQL Database Authorizer can enhance your data security.

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