What Not to Miss at Cloud Identity Summit 2017

Gal Helemski
May 29, 2017

Cloud Identity Summit 2017 always lives up to its billing as the meeting of ideas between strong security and a compelling user experience. If you’re like us and believe in “mess-less” IAM, then you won’t want to miss this annual conference that brings together the brightest minds in the identity and security industry.

Held from June 19-22 in Chicago, this year’s conference will probably draw as many as 1,000 people, a standard crowd for past events. The event attracts IAM architects, engineers and directors; CTOs; COOs; CIOs; and just about every security professional: from security infrastructure engineers to information security officers.

Cloud Identity Summit 2017 focuses on digital identity. Sessions will dive into the need for identity and security system practices to keep pace with the innovative technologies that are setting new business models: IoT, artificial intelligence and big data. As event organizers say, “Smart identity will make sense of an avalanche of information about users and their devices, delivering better security; smoother, more human experiences; improved business outcomes; all while respecting privacy and data sensitivity.” We couldn’t agree more.

Can’t Miss Keynote Speakers

The conference will feature 14 keynote speakers and 83 session speakers. Check  out these five keynote speakers who will examine the future of identity:

  • Former covert CIA Operations Officer and current author Valerie Plame. On Monday, June 19, she will discuss the importance of identity, real and assumed, and privacy in our interconnected world, and examine what can go wrong.
  • On Tuesday, June 20, Eric Maass, Director of IBM’s Cloud IAM strategy, will review how cognitive technology can inspire your business’ IAM approach.
  • Also on Tuesday, June 20, the leader of Google’s Identity Team, Eric Sachs, will give a keynote speech on why increasing signups for Google was a “very bad thing.” He’ll share examples of customer experience mistakes Google made in the evolution of its Identity system.
  • On Wednesday, June 21, Alex Simons, a Partner Director of Program Management for Microsoft's Identity Division, will discuss how open standards are key to a world of secure clouds and secure devices. He’ll provide insights into how open standards are critical to the future of identity.
  • Wrapping up the conference’s last day, Thursday, June 22, Ian Glazer, Salesforce’s Senior Director for Identity, will speak about “de-weaponizing” identity systems. He’ll review how businesses can protect their identity systems from attackers who are weaponizing them.

Can’t Miss Sessions

These are the  five particular sessions that are expected to provide invaluable insight on identity policy management and Authorization.

Next Gen Cloud Architecture: Making It Secure and Cost Effective

Kevin Shanley, Associate Vice President of Cyberinc. Chicago Ballroom IX; Monday, June 19, 4:15-4:40 p.m.

Shanley will discuss a next generation cloud architecture that is more secure, more resilient, more responsive and more cost effective than current architecture. He’ll detail a best-of-breed target architecture that leverages modern DevOps practices – service automation, micro services, elastic computing – to optimize enterprise infrastructure for modern, scalable identity requirements.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation Processor and Cloud Requirements – Can They Be Met?

Harvey Nusz, Security and Privacy and GDPR consultant. Sheraton Ballroom III; Tuesday, June 20, 10:05-10:30 a.m.

Nusz will review the role of identity in upcoming European Union General Data Protection Requirements, which will start being enforced May 2018 with organizations that store E.U. citizens’ data in the U.S. or store the IP addresses of E.U. visitors on their websites. The requirements are considered to be onerous by many, so this interactive session will also ask attendees to share their challenges and achievements in meeting EU expectations.

CISO Perspective: Your IAM Strategy Needs a Risk-Based Approach

Dawn-Marie Hutchinson, Executive Director of Optiv. Chicago Ballroom VIII; Tuesday, June 20, 2:30- 2:55 p.m.

This session will address the requirements of a business-aligned IAM strategy that will ultimately reduce business risk and improve overall operational efficiency. It will review how organizations can stop struggling to meet compliance demands while supporting application and system requirements.

Securing APIs

Bertrand Carlier, Senior Manager of Cybersecurity & Digital Trust at Wavestone. Michigan Ballroom; Wednesday, June 21, 9:30-9:55 a.m.

As we recently wrote in this blog space, APIs are critical for advancing core business expansion strategy. In this session at Cloud Identity Summit 2017, Carlier will lay out best practices to design well-secured APIs and explain which particular specification is intended for which use-case. He’ll present key security aspects to take into account when designing an API and its access infrastructure.

Modernizing Enterprise IAM

Paul Heaney, Technical Director, Proof ID. Chicago Ballroom IX; Thursday, June 22, 9:30- 9:55 a.m.

Faced with increasing demands on workforce IAM infrastructure and new requirements to manage consumer and partner identities, enterprise IAM teams must refactor IAM strategies and deployments to handle rapidly evolving business needs. In this session, Heaney will propose a secure and efficient architecture that caters to workforce, partner and consumer identities within the modern enterprise.

Of course PlainID will also be there at booth number 516, so do stop by for a visit!

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