Not-to-Miss @ Gartner IAM Summit 2017

Gal Helemski
November 8, 2017

Join PlainID and some of the world’s leading IAM experts at Gartner IAM Summit 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada November 28-30. Learn about and exchange ideas on existing and emerging IAM challenges, trends and best practices. This year’s summit promises to be one of the best with an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, Gartner-invited end-user case study speakers, and Gartner analysts who are at the forefront in the areas of data security and privacy.

Not-to-Miss Speakers

The speaker line-up at this year’s summit truly is spectacular. Here are a few speakers we highly recommend you don’t miss:

Brian Iverson

Brian Iverson is Research Director of IT leaders systems, security and risk at Gartner. His expertise includes IAM program strategy, planning, governance and operations; IGA product/vendor capabilities; SOD controls monitoring; IAM consulting and system integration; and IAM process guidance.

Mr. Iverson’s recent research includes: Market Guide for IAM Professional Services, Europe, Middle East and Africa (25-Sep-2017), Reduce IAM Program Risk and Redundancy by Formalizing an IAM Program Architecture (19-Sep-2017 ) and Market Guide for IAM Professional Services, North America (13-Sep-2017).

He’ll be providing the keynote opening remarks Tuesday morning and participating in 6 different sessions. We recommend you don’t miss the Workshop: “How to Implement a Two-Layer Enterprise Role Management Framework”. (Thu, 30 Nov, 9:00 AM-10:30 AM)

Ant Allan, Ph.D.

Ant Allan, Ph.D., is Research Vice President at Gartner Research, a core member of the IAM research community and agenda manager for the IT Leaders' IAM Key Initiatives. He specializes in user authentication and other "trusted identity" technologies, along with supporting processes, policies and best practices.

Dr. Allan’s latest research includes:  Technology Insight for Biometric Authentication (06-Sep-2017); Perspectives on IAM and the Digital Ecosystem (07-Aug-2017); and Don't Waste Time and Energy Tinkering With Password Policies; Invest in More Robust Authentication Methods or Other Compensating Controls (27-Jul-2017 ).

In addition to the closing night keynote, he’ll be participating in 5 sessions. We highly recommend you check out his roundtable: “Adopting People-Centric Security Principles for Your IAM Program”. (Tue, 28 Nov, 2:45PM-3:45PM)

Lori Robinson

Lori Robinson is Research Vice President for the IAM team in the IT Professionals Research group at Gartner. Her expertise includes issues related to identity governance and administration, privileged access management, identity analytics, consumer identity and access management and IAM project management.

Recent research includes: Reduce Access to Windows Local Administrator With Endpoint Privilege Management (20-Oct-2017); IGA, RPA, and Managing Software Robot Identities (05-Sep-2017); and  Securing Privileged Access to Your IaaS Environment (03-Aug-2017).

She’ll be participating in 7 sessions. Try to attend her talk: “Identity Analytics Is Shaping the Future of IGA and PAM”. (Thu, 30 Nov, 11:30 AM-12:00 PM

Homan Farahmand

Homan Farahmand is Research Director covering digital identity and access management (IAM) and blockchain platforms within Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP). His areas of expertise include identity governance and administration, authorization, blockchain (general and decentralized identity use cases), IAM risk-based planned, RPA bots identity management, customer identity management, privileged account management.

Mr. Farahmand’s recent research includes: IGA, RPA, and Managing Software Robot Identities (05-Sep-2017); Improving Runtime Authorization Maturity (25-May-2017); and A Technical Primer for Assessing a Blockchain Platform (21-Mar-2017).

Mr. Farahmand will be participating in 4 sessions. We advise you to attend his talk: “How RPA Is Changing IAM Requirements and Shaping the Future of IGA” (Wed, 29 Nov, 9:15 AM-10:00 AM)

See You at the Summit

You can find details about all the sessions here.  It’s a not-to-be-missed opportunity to meet with industry experts and your peers and learn how to tackle complex issues and generate new ideas to reimagine significant elements of your IAM approach for digital age success.

And don’t forget to stop by booth #115 for visit!

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