How PlainID Made B2B Identity & Access Management Easy for Solid State Networks

Oren Harel
October 8, 2021

Solid State Networks is bringing something new to the gaming and virtual reality industry -- a CI/CD platform that helps game developers work faster and smarter.

Critical to that effort is managing access rights for every client user and group that accesses its CI/CD solution. In other words, Solid State needs Partner Identity and Access Management (Otherwise known as B2B Access Management Platform).

The company considered doing things the hard way by building a B2B Access Management solution from scratch. But then it made a smarter choice: It adopted PlainID Partner Manager, which delivers scalable, self-service access control tooling that Solid State’s customers can use to manage permissions within their organizations.

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The Challenge: Achieving Customizable Access Control

From the start, Solid State Networks knew that it would have to create a user-friendly access control management process for its platform to make the solution attractive and widely adopted organization-wide with their customers. They had no doubts that a delegated model was the right way to go about this. They let their users independently define identities for users and groups within their organizations and assign them access rights in a granular, easily customizable way.

And we’re not talking here about generic Identity and Access Management (IAM) tooling. Solid State required a B2B IAM solution that provided:

  • Self-serviceability, meaning that a delegated admin of each customer could manage their own users and their access rights instead of issuing requests to Solid State.
  • Granular control over roles, including the ability to define different types of roles (admins, users, etc.) and associated permissions with them.
  • The ability to scale seamlessly as Solid State’s customer base grew.

The Solution: Partner Identity and Access Management with PlainID

Building a partner Identity and Access Management framework (also known as B2B Access Management) from scratch would have seriously distracted Solid State from its core mission of creating a CI/CD platform for gaming. They preferred to have their development team spending their precious time building their platform.

So, the company turned to PlainID Partner Manager, which offers a production-ready B2B Access Management solution with all of the features Solid State needed.

Partner Manager revolutionizes B2B  Identity and Access Management by letting you manage your partners as “organizations,” while delegating admin capabilities, so your partners can manage their own users’ access. 

After only a month of experimentation with Partner Manager, Solid State Networks knew that it was the B2B access management solution it needed. It began integrating Partner Manager into its own continuous delivery platform, and completed the integration within just two weeks.

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End-to-End Partner IAM

To Solid State, PlainID’s Partner Manager stood apart from competing solutions for several reasons:

  • It delivered end-to-end partner IAM, meaning Solid State didn’t have to worry about creating any of its own access control tools.
  • Partner Manager’s customizable interface allowed Solid State to tailor the tool’s look and feel to match its own platform.
  • The tool can scale to support hundreds or thousands of partner organizations.
  • The self-service partner IAM architecture allows Solid State to meet access control needs for a large user base without having to manage access control directly.

“The value and acceleration we’re getting with PlainID is awesome," said Rick Buonincontri, CEO of Solid State Networks.

He continued, "Implementing Partner Manager has given us the ability to ensure a continuous, rapid adoption of our solution by our customers. By easily delegating to our customers the ability to manage their own users, we made the end-to-end process of managing identities drastically more simple and streamlined. We believe it’s going to create some incredible efficiencies that will drive the business forward.”

Accelerating Business WIth B2B IAM

B2B  Identity and Access Management has traditionally been a tough nut to crack. Few solutions are available that offer scalable, production-ready partner IAM tooling.

But PlainID Partner Manager has changed the game. PlainID Partner Manager serves both needs. By delivering end-to-end identity and access management through a delegated, self-service architecture and a user-friendly, customizable UI, Partner Manager offers a simple but powerful solution to modern identity access requirements in a B2B context. Get in touch for a free trial.

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