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Gal Helemski
April 1, 2024

I am pleased to announce that PlainID has adopted new features and services into its Platform. These new services allow PlainID to expand beyond Policy-based Access Control and into the world of Identity Security. 


Previously, our Director of Product Outreach, Mickey Martin, shared over two blogs what features and capabilities Identity Security Posture Management (ISPM) platforms should have and how Authorization plays a role in fully aligning your Identity Security Posture across the myriad of applications we use. We carefully considered the required capabilities of ISPM and found that our Platform would provide a stronger approach to identity-centric security with Identity InsightsTM.


Identity Insights rounds out the PlainID platform, allowing PlainID to move into the broader Identity Security Space and better address its needs. As an Identity Security Company, PlainID enables organizations to have complete visibility and control over identities and how they are used to access critical assets and systems within the enterprise technology ecosystem. PlainID’s platform consists of three services, each focusing on a different piece of Identity Security.


Identity Insights

Identity Insights focuses on the alerting and reporting of identities, integrates with IDPs and Cloud applications, and determines which identities access which assets and utilize which permissions. 


It gathers intelligence to learn about the different types of identities in a system, which systems those identities interact with and then starts discovering misalignment in ISPM best practices. Security teams can find out when a configuration is out of alignment with security best practices and corporate protocol (e.g., allowing a user to access an application they have no reason to be in or connect to an endpoint that should not be servicing that identity). Keep an eye on identity hygiene by looking at which access users are using, finding out who is over provisioned or over privileged for their job role.


SaaS Authorization Management 

SaaS Authorization Management further aligns the enterprise’s posture with the next step: giving security and IAM teams full control and visibility over access policies. SaaS Authorization Management enables you to manage access policies of SaaS commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products such as PowerBI, Zscaler, and Snowflake in a single pane. 


SaaS authorization Management starts by connecting to SaaS applications and discovering all the policies that are currently in effect. It then maps all pieces of the policies into reusable building blocks, making building new or editing existing policies simple. After discovering and learning, SaaS Authorization Management builds an access map that shows organizations exactly how identities connect to digital assets. 


Dynamic Authorization Service 

Dynamic Authorization Service has been the foundation of PlainID from the onset. This is the Authorization platform that many of our customers have been using to create and enforce dynamic, risk-based authorization policies. It enables enterprises to tap into their entire Identity, Asset, and Risk Fabric and apply how that information is used consistently for access across applications, APIs, microservices, and the data layer. Dynamic Authorization Service brings identity-centric security to the foundation, or “plumbing,” a business runs on.


In summary, PlainID’s Identity Security Posture Management platform enables enterprises to discover identities, identity risks, and interactions with applications and digital assets. Our platform allows companies to centrally manage access policies to many high-value and high-risk target SaaS applications and keep access policies in line with SASE policies. For enterprises with more mature IAM programs, we empower them with full control of all authorizations throughout the entire enterprise. Ultimately, PlainID offers complete visibility, control, and standardization required to stop and prevent identity-related threats.


To learn more about our Platform, contact our team.


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