Partners in Authorization: Why Apiture Made PlainID Part of Its IAM Solution

Oren Harel
October 6, 2019

Financial companies depend on trust; their customers must be certain that their data can only be accessed by authorized personnel or data systems. That’s why Apiture, a leader in the field of digital open banking, was looking for a reliable Authorization solution and why they chose to partner with PlainID. Specifically, they needed a platform to set and implement policies regarding:

  • Which bank employees can access which consumer data
  • Which partners of the bank can access which data-related APIs 
  • Which data consumers can access online and which they can “take with them,” if they switch banks (as per PDS2) 

In addition to having to solve these problems, Apiture needed to find a company that understood that for them, trust is a core value, making Authorization a business-critical matter. Maintaining consumers’ trust as well as making security transparent and frictionless are essential to meeting Apiture’s current and future Authorization needs. 

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PlainID and PBAC Deliver Scalability and Flexibility

Apiture’s customer base includes millions of consumers plus partners with access rights, so it needed an Authorization solution to work to scale, a PBAC strength. PBAC’s support for creating fine-grained policies in natural language allowed Apiture to solve a major challenge: data masking social security numbers (SSNs), which requires the following:

  • Consumers must be able to see their complete 9-digit number online
  • Customer Service Representatives can only see the number’s last 4 digits
  • The Compliance department must be able to see all 9 digits
  • Partner institutions need to confirm that the consumer has an SSN without seeing it

Using PlainID, Apiture solved this problem with only 1 API.

PBAC supports real-time changes to Authorization rules, allowing Apiture to instantly upgrade partners’ access as needed. For example, Apiture partners with fintech companies, which access some consumer data and offer services. Companies that comply with a  congressionally-defined charter are entitled to access more consumer information and provide additional services. Since PBAC supports changing access rights on the fly, PlainID’s solution enables Apiture to change the rights of a fintech partner the moment Apiture is informed that the company is chartered. 

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To Buy or To Build? 

Like other companies, Apiture had to decide whether to build their own Authorization solution or buy one. Apiture’s basic question in such decisions is simple: “Is this something we are going to sell?” If so, they build it themselves; if not, they purchase. Apiture does not sell Authorization; they provide banks and fintechs the APIs they need to run their businesses. Therefore Apiture, whose name contains the phrase “API,” decided to buy an Authorization solution. 

In choosing to buy, they were looking for a  solution allowed them to fully embed Authorization into their package of APIs. PlainID’s combination of autonomy and ability to work to massive scale gave Apiture a powerful offering in a highly competitive field. And best of all, according to Apiture, PlainID’s intuitive user interface makes it possible to let executives define IAM policies without needing an engineering team to implement them. By choosing to buy rather than build, Apiture is able to focus on what it does best -- supplying APIs to banks and fintechs -- knowing that reliable Authorization is built into them. 

Apiture’s Advice: Partner with PlainID

Apiture decided not only to buy from PlainID but to partner with them. As they put it, “a vendor is someone who sells you goods and services in exchange for currency, whereas a partner is someone who is invested in your success… [for an important component like an IAM solution], you really want somebody who’s in the car with you, you don’t want somebody who sold you the car … that’s one of the real benefits that we get out of PlainID is that they’re true partners to us.” We’re pleased and proud to partner with Apiture and would like to do the same with you.

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