Using Policy to Control and Protect Data in Complex Environments: PlainID Partners with Denodo

Jeff Tishgart
November 28, 2022

The importance of organizational and personal data is top-of-mind for company leaders as adversaries continue to take advantage of the increase in remote work activities and enterprise cloud migration efforts that expand data environments. There is growing pressure on enterprises' security and data teams to ensure data is not exposed to unauthorized users. PlainID is a key element of this strategy as organizations protect data by externalizing authorization and centralizing its management via The PlainID Authorization Platform and PlainID Authorizers. 

By partnering with Denodo, the Leading Data Integration and Management Provider, we are able to support the rapid growth of data and prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive pieces of data. In essence, this partnership enables Denodo clients to centrally manage access to data in motion using policy to control access to data in complex enterprise environments.

Aligned value is recognized as authorization enforcement is distributed to a PlainID Authorizer for Denodo, which sits inside the Denodo security layer. This system allows for data security to be adjusted dynamically and contextually, based on scale for all users and applications under Denodo. 

Denodo and client users benefit from the PlainID Authorization Platform through:

  • Centralized Policy Management: Managing access to Denodo's data virtualization layer with PlainID's graphical UI to simplify access control across enterprise applications and data sources. 

  • Dynamic Authorization in Real-Time: Securing data and protecting data privacy through coarse and fine-grained controls with data filtering and data masking down to the row/column/cell level.

  • Full Visibility of Data Access: Gaining a bi-directional view of the relationship between users and data, and the ability to test the impacts of policies before going live.

  • Consistently Control Data: Standardizing access control to disparate data sources including databases, data lakes, APIs, and microservices.

Managing authorization through a singular panel using a policy-based access control approach is a critical component of an enterprise's security strategy. PlainID enhances the security posture for Denodo users with an externalized and cloud-enabled authorization solution that secures access to data and protects privacy. 

To learn more about how authorization can help organizations, get a demo of PlainID’s Authorization Platform, or download our new eBook:

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