The ROI of B2B Access Management | Infographic

Oren Harel
September 22, 2021

A question that we often get asked is "What is the ROI of B2B Access Management?" (Otherwise known as B2B IAM, PIAM & Partner Identity Management)

We produced this infographic for you to answer just that question.

Download the Infographic

The ROI of B2B Access Management

Download the Infographic

In 2020 B2B digital sales grew by nearly $9 trillion. By 2027 the B2B eCommerce market size will increase by 70%.

The 2 main factors influencing profits from your partnerships:
1) IT costs
2) Customer satisfaction & productivity

Between 20-50% of all help desk calls are for password resets and access requests.

Recent surveys show that is costs $72 on average to reset a password.

The longer a partner has to wait for a response, the worse their customer experience is.

The number one reason partners leave their companies is "it's not easy".

Less partners = Lower ROI

4 Metrics to Partner Success
1) Response time to tickets: Current response time is 24 hours on average. Delegated admin response will cut that down to minutes.
2) Resolution time between ticket creation and closure: Current resolution time is 82 hours. Delegated admin resolution time will be far quicker.
3) Average number of tickets created per day: Fewer tickets need to be created for IT as most issues will be dealt with by a delegated admin.
4) Proportion of tickets closed per day: Faster resolution time leads to a higher proportion of tickets being closed within the day.

In summary, there are 3 ways in which B2B Access Management will Increase ROI
1) Cost: 70% fewer support tickets will save your IT Team $10,500 a month.
2) Efficiency: Admin efficiency in answering queries will soar. Weeks will be reduced to minutes increasing partner satisfaction.
3) Retention: Happier partners will stay 3x longer.

Download the Infographic

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