SaaS Authorization Management

Mickey Martin
March 14, 2024


Elevating SaaS Security with PlainID's Advanced Authorization Management

As the digital landscape evolves, the reliance on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) SaaS applications has introduced complex security challenges for enterprises. Addressing this, PlainID has pioneered a cutting-edge solution in SaaS Authorization Management, setting new standards in cybersecurity, particularly with its seamless integration to SaaS applications.

Advanced Authorization for COTS SaaS Applications

PlainID’s innovation extends its leadership by filling a critical gap in SaaS applications security, notably through its SaaS Authorization Management Authorizers. This specialized module empowers enterprises to manage, create, and deploy authorization policies across SaaS technologies, with a spotlight on enhancing your organization's Identity security posture.

Let’s take a Quick look at how SaaS Authorization Management works with PowerBI as an example.

Integration Steps with Microsoft Power BI:

  • Connect: Establishes the linkage by setting up a Policy Orchestration Point (POP) for Power BI, incorporating necessary credentials to facilitate seamless integration.
  • Learn Mode: Initiates the integration process, defining the connection parameters and engaging in a Discover and Map workflow to identify and organize Power BI objects within PlainID’s platform.
  • Discover and Map: Post-POP creation, an automatic discovery of datasets, databases, roles, and Row-Level Security (RLS) within Power BI is conducted. This process translates Power BI objects into manageable policy elements and building blocks within PlainID.
  • Display: Visualizes the discovered objects within the Orchestration Workspace, offering an insightful overview of the elements managed by the Power BI Authorizer.
  • Manage Mode: Transitions the system to enable updating, creating, and deleting policies directly impacting Power BI, streamlining the enforcement and monitoring of access controls.


Technical Advantages for Enterprises

The integration of PlainID with other COTS SAAS applications allows organizations to fully adopt centralized management of Policy Based Access control. This process not only simplifies the management of access policies but also fortifies security measures by ensuring that users are granted only the necessary access, mitigating the risk of unauthorized data exposure and stopping identity related breaches.

Strategic Security Enhancements:

  • Streamlined Compliance and Audit Processes: By providing a clear, auditable trail of access controls and policy changes specific to authorization policies in SaaS Applications, compliance with regulatory standards is simplified.
  • Proactive Risk Management: Enables organizations to dynamically adapt policies to emerging threats, minimizing potential security breaches within their ecosystems.

Conclusion: A Leap Forward in Digital Security

The integration of PlainID's SaaS Authorization Management represents a strategic advancement in securing SaaS applications. By focusing on granularity, automation, and integration, PlainID not only addresses current security challenges but also prepares enterprises for future threats, ensuring a secure, manageable, and compliant digital ecosystem.

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